You frequently share expenses for a weekend or a party with friends?
No more calculations!
Simply enter your purchases by selecting the buyer and the participants and the application will calculate who owes what to whom while reducing the number of exchanges.

Vous partagez souvent les dépenses d'un week-end ou d'une soirée entre amis ?
Fini les calculs !
Vous n'avez qu'à saisir vos achats en choisissant l'acheteur et les participants et l'application calcule qui doit quoi à qui en réduisant le nombre d'échanges.

Great app

Deepak More 8 years ago 0

I have used this app for couple of trips and found very helpful. Only on problem I face again n again, many times when i edit any exiting purchase the event gets broken. On Repair app removes the broken entry. This is not an good idea because I am losing data here. Is it not possible to recover without losing data?

Also can categories and participants moved to app level ? so that i don't have to add them again n again for each event.